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Dragon City Cheats – Hatchery Hack

Written By Unknown on Feb 21, 2013 | 5:01 PM

Dragon City Cheats and Hacks

Dragon City Cheats – Hatchery hack WORKING
Working Cheats forDragon City on facebook hatchery cheat. We also currently working for food, gold, gems. EXP and Dragon Points hack
Dragon City Cheats Tools:
  • Cheat Engine – [LINK] [LINK2]
  • Firefox – Google Chrome
  • Winrar 
Dragon City Hacks Steps:
  1. Go to Dragon City on facebook – click here
  2. Open Cheat Engine (CE)
  3. Click mini cpu icon at the top left of cheat engine or the small box under file tab
  4. Select -plugin_container.exe (firefox), chrome.exe (google chrome) under rundll32.exe or SelectFlashPlayerPlugin
  5. Value Type ‘Text
  6. Scan ‘eggs
  7. Select all addresses (Click the 1st adress, HOLD SHIFTS scroll down and then click the last address)
  8. Now click on the red arrow
  9. At the bottom box click 1 adress and then press ctrl+a (to select all)
  10. Press ENTER key and change the value to ‘infinite
  11. Now visit a friend or neighbor and then click on return home
  12. Now you can add eggs to your hachery either from your inventery or breeding mountain.
  13. HAVE FUN!
You will be able too add ur usual ammount then it will say your hatchery is full, you just need to visit a neighbour and return home each time you have added an egg
Credits: bouncynutta
dragon city on facebook

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